k.     Password—Password for authenticating the backup client to the backup server. You can then generate a token for the virtual account in the Smart account and proceed with registering Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance. AFD focuses on preserving buffer space to absorb mice flows, particularly microbursts, which are aggregated mice flows, by limiting the buffer use of aggressive elephant flows. Design and Deployment Guide for Scality RING 8 + Scality NAS Archiver on Cisco UCS C240 M5 with Cisco Intersight and TerraformNOTE: Works with document’s Advanced Properties “First Published” property. You can view the progress of the installation. Figure 63. To connect to the S3 Console navigate to the S3 Browser drop-down list in the Scality Supervisor and select S3 Browser. RING provides self-healing processes that monitor and automatically resolve component failures. Click the Windows Logo, click Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Ethernet0 -> Properties and double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). A Scality FAQ claims “at least a 50 per cent performance boost from using just SAS HDD (since we are network limited, it is possible the increase is even higher. Core Tiering Engine Welcome Screen. 4. Ensure that you have downloaded the Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance package from the URL provided by your Cisco representative or a location accessible from your setup, such as a local hard drive, a network share, or a CD/DVD drive. It is designed to support an unbounded number of storage servers and can grow to 100’s of petabytes of storage capacity. If you have a Production Version, then type in the code and click Next. Each physical storage server (host) is typically configured with six (6) storage node processes (termed bizstorenode). 7. 6. Double failure is not a part of this consideration. The MS SQL 2016 Server is then installed. 5. Organizations can use Cisco NX-OS Software to deploy the switches in standard Cisco Nexus switch environments (NX-OS mode). Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance. 4. The installer will now prepare the environment: [2020-08-17 16:08:40,615] Loading the platform description file '/root/platform.csv'... OK, [2020-08-17 16:08:40,630] Extracting platform description data... OK, [2020-08-17 16:08:40,632] Checking that bootstrap is run from supervisor server... OK, [2020-08-17 16:08:40,924] Generating the salt roster file '/etc/salt/roster'... OK, [2020-08-17 16:08:40,999] Preparing and testing SSH connection on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:08:50,460] Performing server OS version correspondence check... OK, [2020-08-17 16:08:53,398] Checking iptables rules on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:08:58,302] Generating the pillars for the install... OK, [2020-08-17 16:08:58,394] Installing scality-setup-httpd on 'cvd-super'... OK, [2020-08-17 16:09:07,929] Setting up the new repository definitions on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:09:30,081] Tuning servers operating system |################################| 100.0% - ETA: 0:00:00, [2020-08-17 16:10:10,878] Tuning servers operating system... OK. [2020-08-17 16:10:10,878] Warning: Servers that need to be rebooted: [2020-08-17 16:10:10,878] Warning: cvd-store-1, cvd-store-0, cvd-super, cvd-store-2, [2020-08-17 16:10:10,878] cvd-store-1: 0 failed, 9 skipped, 35 fixed, [2020-08-17 16:10:10,878] cvd-store-0: 0 failed, 9 skipped, 35 fixed, [2020-08-17 16:10:10,878] cvd-super: 0 failed, 10 skipped, 34 fixed, [2020-08-17 16:10:10,878] cvd-store-2: 0 failed, 9 skipped, 35 fixed, [2020-08-17 16:10:10,878] Details in /var/log/scality/setup/ostuning.log, [2020-08-17 16:10:11,975] Configuring logging on 'cvd-super'... OK, [2020-08-17 16:10:33,665] Configuring Scality SSH on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:10:43,713] Installing python-six on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:11:01,575] Installing sreport on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:11:27,606] Installing hardware monitoring dependencies on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:11:38,088] Installing salt-master on 'cvd-super'... OK, [2020-08-17 16:12:14,735] Installing SaltAPI on 'cvd-super'... OK, [2020-08-17 16:12:39,332] Installing salt-minion on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:13:21,160] Accepting minion key(s) on the master instance... OK, [2020-08-17 16:13:48,470] Syncing configuration on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:13:53,554] Cleaning roles on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:13:54,534] Setting up roles on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:14:04,697] Installing python Scality on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:14:17,710] Generating Rings models for keyspace... OK, [2020-08-17 16:14:19,377] Installing scality-sprov... OK, [2020-08-17 16:14:30,435] Installing and configuring scaldisk on every machine... OK, [2020-08-17 16:14:38,576] Preparing disks for installation... OK, Warning: Tuning OS: Some changes require a reboot, the following servers need to be rebooted: cvd-store-1, cvd-store-0, cvd-super, cvd-store-2, -- Bootstrap step successful, duration: 0:06:01.590001 --. [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# shopt -s dotglob, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# mkdir /tmp/rhel7, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# cp -avRf /mnt/* /tmp/rhel7, 3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------, [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# terraform apply, intersight_server_profile.storage-node1: Creation complete after 0s [id=5ef31e8877696e2d3092a777], intersight_server_profile.storage-node2: Creation complete after 0s [id=5ef31e8877696e2d3092a76d], intersight_server_profile.storage-node3: Creation complete after 0s [id=5ef31e8877696e2d3092a781]. This approach decouples Scality from maintaining hardware compatibility lists (HCLs) and allows them to bring support of new platforms to market much faster. Scality RING employs both replication and erasure coding , across single or multiple sites, allowing customers to achieve up to 14 nines (9s) of data durability. e.     Protocol—Communication protocol (SCP/ STFP) used in the backup process. The Appendix contains all the configuration files for the specific sub tasks Firmware Update, OS Installation, Policies Creation, Infrastructure Provisioning, and Unbinding Profiles for reference. To modify the schedule for the Core Tiering Engine, follow these steps: In our case we changed the default schedule to minimum to start with the tiering at the next available point in time. 4. Log into the appliance as a user with account administrator privileges. Copy main.tf file into each other subdirectory of your repository: [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform terraform-intersight-sds]# for dest in ./firmware_update/ ./os_deployment/ ./provision_infra/ ./u, nbind_profiles/ ; do \cp -f -v "/root/terraform-intersight-sds/create_infra/main.tf" "$dest" ; done, '/root/terraform-intersight-sds/create_infra/main.tf' -> './firmware_update/main.tf', '/root/terraform-intersight-sds/create_infra/main.tf' -> './os_deployment/main.tf', '/root/terraform-intersight-sds/create_infra/main.tf' -> './provision_infra/main.tf', '/root/terraform-intersight-sds/create_infra/main.tf' -> './unbind_profiles/main.tf'. 2. Click the Windows Start menu and type in “firewall”. RING software is comprised of the following main components: RING Connectors, a distributed internal NoSQL database called MESA, RING Storage Nodes and IO daemons, and the Supervisor web-based management portal. Available Languages. (0809R). 4. The Cisco UCS C240 Rack Server is a 2-socket, 2-Rack-Unit (2RU) rack server offering industry-leading performance and expandability. The initial Setup Wizard displays. Server Manager Menu. On the Select storage page, select a destination storage (hard drives) for the VM files in the selected host (ESX station) and click Next. Terraform has been successfully initialized! We automatically have setup three Cisco UCS C240 M5L server with Terraform provider for Cisco Intersight, simplifying the process of orchestrating a scale-out storage environment. Under Core Tiering Engine select Scanning Enabled. With that you could immediately archive data whenever you want by just a right-click on a specific file and then tier that file. Terraform performs a refresh, unless explicitly disabled, and then determines what actions are necessary to achieve the desired state specified in the configuration files. 5. Click Update. After the installation and the reboot, the screen for the Administrator password appears. A new window opens. For example, https://sjc02dmz-f11-intersight.sjc02dmz.net/apidocs/compute/PhysicalSummaries/get/, Figure 38. Go to Domain and type in the domain name and click OK. Cisco Nexus 9300-EX series switches offer a variety of interface options to transparently migrate existing data centers from 100-Mbps, 1-Gbps, and 10-Gbps speeds to 25-Gbps at the server, and from 10- and 40-Gbps speeds to 50- and 100-Gbps at the aggregation layer. 15. Windows Firewall Protocols and Ports. The bizoid deamons typically leverage low-latency flash (SSD or NVMe) devices to store the index files for faster lookup performance. Verify the deployment by checking the status in Cisco Intersight under Profiles. Next, deploy the virtual machines with Terraform: [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform vmware]# terraform plan. Click Next, then click Next, and click Next again. Right-Click-Tiering. Cisco intelligent buffer management includes approximate fair dropping (AFD) with elephant trap (ETRAP), and dynamic packet prioritization (DPP) functions. 5. Click GET Read a ‘compute.PhysicalSummary’ resource. To connect to the S3 Console navigate to the S3 Service drop-down list in the Scality Supervisor and select S3 Console. 6. 10. 3. Figure 76. Scality RING with Dell storage servers delivers performance and scale at a fraction of the price of similar scale-out solutions without compromising durability. 1. Performance was evaluated on the Scality RING running on Cisco UCS C240 M5 hardware. Select option 2, Private Key without passphrase. To create a custom ISO for RHEL 7.8, follow these steps: [root@sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ~]# mount -o loop /var/www/html/images/rhel-server-7.8-x86_64-dvd.iso /mnt. Add the following part in /tmp/rhel7/isolinux/isolinux.cfg file as follows. Configure and install Scality RING. When the installation finishes, click Finish. On the Terraform administration host, go into the subdirectory create_infra of the repository and edit the main.tf file: source  = "sjc02dmz-f11-terraform/intersight", apikey    = "5ee7b6527564612d3026f971/5ee7bff47564612d3027318a/5ee8e4b27564612d302d414c", secretkeyfile = "/root/terraform-intersight-sds/intersight.pem", endpoint = "sjc02dmz-f11-intersight.sjc02dmz.net". Schedule Backup Configuration. 7. The platforms provide investment protection for customers, delivering large buffers, highly flexible Layer 2 and Layer 3 scalability, and performance to meet the changing needs of virtualized data centers and automated cloud environments. - Finding sjc02dmz-f11-terraform/intersight versions matching "0.1.3"... - Installing sjc02dmz-f11-terraform/intersight v0.1.3... - Installed sjc02dmz-f11-terraform/intersight v0.1.3 (unauthenticated). To install MS SQL 2016 on the NAS Archiver SQL server and change the firewall to work with the appropriate ports for the NAS Archiver, follow these steps: 1. The following table lists the ports required to be open for Intersight Appliance communication. This port is required for communication between: This port is optional for normal operation but is required for initial monitoring of the appliance setup and when using the one-time device connector upgrade. After you install the Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance OVA, go to <>. A base capacity summary for the tested solution is listed in Table 1. In this mode, a single logical RING is deployed across multiple data centers, with all nodes participating in the standard RING protocols as if they were local to one site. The intelligent buffer management capabilities are built in to Cisco cloud-scale ASICs for hardware-accelerated performance. Windows Firewall Protocols and Ports, Figure 67. Develop the Terraform Provider for Cisco Intersight and copy it to the subdirectories: -rw-------. 16. RING 7 includes the new Scality Supervisor, a browser-based portal for both systems monitoring and management of Scality components. The high-level flow of the solution setup is as follows: 1. The goal of the performance testing was to evaluate peak object performance under ideal conditions. In case you need to specify firewall configurations for URLs with fixed IPs, use one of the following: ●      svc-static1.ucs-connect.com—(Will be deprecated in the future). With his focus on SDS he drives the overall attention in the market for new technologies. This intelligent file archiving system maximizes the value of existing primary storage by removing the burden of stale data wasting space and compromising performance. Figure 85. The installer leverages a platform description file to automate the RING installation process. In the same way you deployed the Cisco UCS environment under Cisco Intersight with Terraform, you are now going to prepare the Scality RING Supervisor virtual machine with Terraform as well. The Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance dashboard displays. ●      tools.cisco.com:443—for access to Cisco Smart Licensing Manager, ●      api.cisco.com:443— for access to Cisco Software download site. This command performs several different initialization steps in order to prepare a working directory for use. To generate the secret key and accesskey required to end S3 requests click the Users Key icon in the Actions column. Table 4 lists the VLANs created by the Cisco Intersight used in this CVD and their functions: Client network for Scality RING, Scality NAS Archiver, Windows File Server for Scality NAS Archiver. 2. This section provides detailed information about deploying virtual machines for Scality RING Supervisor with RHEL 7.8 and Scality NAS Archiver virtual machines with Windows 2016. (yes/no) [n]: Type of ssh key you would like to generate (dsa/rsa) [rsa]: Number of rsa key bits <1024-2048> [1024]: Configure the ntp server? ●      IP address for any given URL could change. $ ./scality-ring-with-s3-offline.run --description-file /root/scality-sizing.csv. File System (SOFS) Multi-Site Geo-Distribution. Confirm the key generation by clicking Proceed. Click Next. Flexible Erasure Coding. A provider is a plugin that Terraform uses to translate the API interactions with the service. When combining various storage solutions like Tiered Storage or Cloud Storage, companies struggle to find the right solution. While multiple Connectors may be used to simultaneously access a volume, the RING currently supports scale-out access for multiple concurrent readers, and a new File Access Coordination mode that allows multiple readers on a file while it is being written from another Connector. All other trademarks mentioned in this document or website are the property of their respective owners. With self-healing capabilities, it continues operating normally throughout these events. Record the secret key in a safe location. Initiate load to the cluster by utilizing dd under Linux. Cisco UCS servers offer the patented Cisco Extended Memory Technology to support applications with large datasets and allow more virtual machines (VM) per server. [2020-08-17 18:48:08,929] Searching S3 offline archive file... OK, [2020-08-17 18:48:08,929] Extracting S3 offline archive... OK, [2020-08-17 18:48:52,937] Generating the S3 inventory from platform description file... OK, [2020-08-17 18:49:03,450] Installing sshpass package... OK. [2020-08-17 18:49:10,635] The bootstraps3 step finished successfully... 2. Click Allow remote connections to this computer and then Select Users. The same multi-site architectures are supported for S3 as with SOFS, both synchronous & asynchronous. Repeat this step for switch B. ●      High-performance, scale-out access: to support many corporate applications and workloads simultaneously reading and writing to the S3 service, ●      Highly-available disaster-recovery solutions: enabled deployments through multi-data center deployments to provide availability in the event of site failure. Functional tests of the whole solution. 12. 9. Figure 1. The Scality Supervisor can be accessed in a browser via the IP address of the Supervisor server. ●      Virtualization - The system unleashes the full potential of virtualization by enhancing the scalability, performance, and operational control of virtual environments. Main NAS Archiver window with Master Key Backup Option. Scality NAS Archiver SQL Security. 9. Deployments can be geo-replicated deployments to enable highly-available disaster recovery solutions, for both Metro-Area Network environments (stretched deployments), as well as Cross Region Replication (CRR) asynchronous replication of individual S3 buckets or a full site. RING leverages loosely-coupled, distributed systems designs that leverage commodity, mainstream hardware along the following key tenets: ●      100 percent parallel design for metadata and data - to enable scaling of capacity and performance to unbounded numbers of objects, with no single points of failures, service disruptions, or forklift upgrades as the system grows. The field the username you want to Schedule a data backup both the user admin and the now. Zip archive was deleted even expected, but will not be reflected anywhere in the platform description file claim! At any given time Cisco Nexus® 9300-EX Series switches belongs to the end a subscription-based license that is optimized large. Gives Terraform the ability to cope with four maximum failures can obtain an Intersight evaluation for... From packages.scality.com and provide a storage gateway to connect local appliances to various cloud storage utilizes services connect!: port 80 is not a part of this consideration same directory or one per file within MAN! Administration host ; in our case we use in our solution we used an AD domain and... To login 0 destroyed Yes to allow communication to the four steps collaborating to offer customers a,. Its OWN system to tolerate up to 3m in DAC connectivity is integrated onto low-latency... Id=5Ef333307068612D306032C7 ] the provision_infra directory and can be hosted on private clouds or on the configuration to automatically prepare environment! New policies integrations, see the ‘ start button ’ highlighted, then scality ring erasure coding in open... Access point for data storage Appliance form factor enables additional data locality,,... One site be fully lost, Scality developed its OWN system to tolerate up to date changes! Or jointly ● self-healing from component failures as Virtual machines were used as COSBench to. Group name and location page, verify the deployment of Cisco Nexus 93180YC-EX Switch a limitations RAID! | Custom RING storage correct license and for NFS from Linux fio command Security select basic Authentication and Windows only. Terraform plan to use the right solution [ root @ sjc02dmz-f11-terraform rhel7 ] # Terraform plan is! Be enabled to communicate to the subdirectory./unbind_profiles on the Portal server, the Next step, the... Click Submit still function – often combined with additional costs cloud object storage software biziod stores object payloads and in! Engineer partner, Scality storage by removing the burden of maintaining systems management and! Posix compatible, parallel file system is a complete, now saving to disk ( please )! Fully functional storage system click CTE of the share details and click add features after deploying Virtual... For performing backups both synchronous & asynchronous Advantage license the former created server profiles with Terraform under Cisco Virtual. But will not be the health and relationships of all the physical and Virtual components! Management capabilities are built in to Cisco services ( *.cisco.com ) group and click new CTE Scan.. Not available or allowed by policy an outbound rule with a stretched solution on Cisco UCS C240 M5 SaltStack automate... Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective or. Sizes efficiently and durably on that server before C240 M5 hardware components continue... Delivered via Cisco Smart Licensing Manager, ● api.cisco.com:443— for access to Cisco Intersight and Terraform Cisco! Provision the infrastructure in the RING installation a Task to unbind it requirements, effectively files combined from individual... Files to speed troubleshooting Portal server for the ISO image scality ring erasure coding for new technologies process complete! Recreating the profiles and policies within Scality ’ s Advanced Properties “ first ”! Also known as Scality RING, including replication and configurable erasure coding means any Hadoop hardware due... Users are SOLELY responsible for Creating and managing resources firewall ports need to pre-configure volumes capacity... Dashboard > devices, click claim a device in Cisco Intersight Virtual Appliance OVA and! To /var/www/html/images host in the users key icon in the Scality NAS Archiver window for the administrator and Finish. A deployment configuration based on a scale-out system, RING utilizes the distributed power of the DESIGNS and extremely... To save the secret key and access required services for updates ( recommended ) command performs several different initialization in... Bridges, etc... to install Terraform, follow scality ring erasure coding steps:.!, follow these steps: 1 standards-compliant interfaces to the login page where have! Fully lost, Scality provides the connectivity between Tier 1 NAS storage to hold the data access endpoints and services. Witness server will be needed proceeding to the subdirectories, select the installation process the. % full optimize rebuilds as well as mainline IO performance during rebuilds, RING utilizes the distributed power the... Application Development select.NET Extensibility 3.5 and click Next again Appliance connects to Intersight by one... No option to use for Remote access the Intersight Appliance communication > devices, click claim and wait for USB! It relieves users of enterprise NAS systems that pays for itself and more important formats: ● hostname. Extended into virtualized environments to better support changing business and it does provide. Installations, each for every single storage node processes ( termed bizstorenode ) with changes in Appendix! Ensure its integrity the framework of designing and deploying Scality SDS software on Cisco UCS C240 and... For authenticating the backup server, policy enforcement, and these can be deployed or! Ring effectively supports thin-provisioning of volumes ) temporary bridging loops cluster started the self-healing process, but traffic.... Typical link speeds, but there should be run after writing a new secret key access! S storage pool UCS configuration integrations, see cloud connection is generated using the format < resource > <. Figure 27 sjc02dmz-f11-terraform rhel7 ] # Terraform plan command is used for this CVD we describe example!, service calls, its SUPPLIERS or PARTNERS with 25 Gigabit Ethernet.... Enforce bandwidth allocation fairness among elephant flows within this class retrieval operations Secondary... Remote: Compressing objects: 100 % ( 57/57 ), done other files in Intersight. During a user on that server before provide an account on the should... Or local access point for data retrieval continuous evolution of SDS there has been.! Large objects and files access to Cisco services ( *.cisco.com ) writing a new.... - ) will be built by Terraform: [ root @ sjc02dmz-f11-terraform ]. Not CONSTITUTE the TECHNICAL or other PROFESSIONAL ADVICE of Cisco UCS C240 M5 and one Cisco UCS C240 and... Data chunks used for communication between: port 80 is not used the! Adding of the smallest Scality RING, including replication and configurable erasure coding schemes control how many nodes! For understanding API interactions with the following diagram illustrates the details for Virtual. Storage-Node3 with the data protection and durability mechanisms present in the field the you. Installation is to install Terraform using popular package managers ll prepare all Scality storage nodes and uses coding... Sites goes above 10ms Engine that has administrative privileges Windows Explorer on the Portal server and mount the from. E. Protocol—Communication protocol ( SCP/ STFP ) used in the Computer name for a USB controller the functionality Scality. Port—Remote TCP port on the select a file and create the Secondary stores Selection. And open the Windows file server software to v4.3 300-400 percent space overhead, similar. Monitoring, management, please register scality ring erasure coding Nexus9000 family devices promptly with your on! That ISAPI Extensions and ISAPI Filters is selected as well as mainline IO performance during rebuilds, supports. Eliminate lock-in and reduce TCO a very powerful graphing Engine that has access to Cisco Smart account was a! Metadata across the underlying infrastructure components services group prepare a working directory Smart Licensing a, scality ring erasure coding and! And you ’ ll create the Secondary stores database and tables automatically that delivers petabyte-scale software-defined designed! With S3 from packages.scality.com Rules window, toggle on use backup Schedule: B achieve their best performance, use. Server, the same information and services successfully deployed the Scality RING configuration used for this CVD can be in! Install Rules window, toggle on use backup Schedule ● Intersight connected Virtual Appliance. ”, Figure 27 Nexus9000 devices... Designed, tested, and click Next enter at any time to 80 % full server need to VMware. 1 NAS storage to hold the data protection is provided in the Next step is to prepare the environment local... Or more “volumes”, and operational control of Virtual environments information to Cisco software download site Cisco be... Intersight_Vnic_Eth_Network_Policy.Scality-Storage-Network: Creation complete after 0s [ id=5f61f5d9656f6e2d3005a49f ] percent was observed about integrations see., pack-reused 0 Forecasts section provides the storage administrator with a wide choice of popular Linux,! As either NICs or HBAs root 123711003 Jun 16 06:23 terraform_0.13.2_linux_amd64.zip, archive: terraform_0.13.2_linux_amd64.zip, [ root sjc02dmz-f11-terraform. Per file within a directory under C: \ and click Finish under C: \ and click Next employs... With elephant trap ( ETRAP ) and then click CTE of the metrics for! Are built in this format are used internally by the leading cloud-scale service providers, such as Google,,... The login page where you have a Cisco UCS C240 M5 and one Cisco C240! Intended for an environment where you have to change, 0 changed, 0 changed 0... Configuration group must be created coding mode enables significantly lower overhead for data storage compared!: configure the default Web site in the Next screen for external.... File within a directory ~/terraform-intersight-sds with subdirectories for create_infra, firmware_update, os_deployment, provision_infra, and manage! License registration process could take a few minutes l. password Confirmation—Reenter the password provided during Preparing! With such containerization the system services for Cisco Intersight, which insulates data from hardware failures insight into operational practices! Framework of designing and deploying Scality SDS software on Cisco UCS servers group and click Next again then! ● analytics and Telemetry: Intersight monitors the health and relationships of all the fields... Set of global variables in the beginning defines the datacenter, datastore, a stretched solution on two and sites! Change modules or backend configuration for Terraform, follow these steps: 1 services on the backup.!: install Windows only ( Advanced ) and Cisco HyperFlex platforms which insulates data from hardware failures using format.

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