CD32 - This is the same as the Mega CD version, but it has additional tracks on top of the ones added to that version, as here "Fruit Mountain" has different music to the two snow levels, and "Smelly Sewers" has different music to "Car Factory" too, leading this version to have the highest number of unique tunes out of all the versions. Get Chuck Rock ROM for Sega Genesis right now. View all SNES emulators. A year later the magazine was closed (after almost 25 years), and the final strip saw Chuck being swept away from his boat, presumed dead but washing up on a tribal island and being revered as a God - as an inexplicable comic touch, mourners at his 'funeral' included then-Prime-Minister John Major. View video of game. The game was notable for the major form of defense, which was to belly bounce with Chuck's beer belly, and for the catchphrase "unga bunga!" The sound was done by celebrated sound smith Matt Furniss, who actually wrote his own sound engine for his Mega Drive games. Outside of those subjective preferences, in my opinion the CD32 version definitely has the best sound of all the versions, both music, and sfx, no question. Size: 1.10MB. A direct sequel came in 1993 in the form of Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck, which was also ported to several consoles like its predecessor. Genesis vs SNES This topic is locked from further discussion. Download game manual. The Moose stage on Mega Drive had you careening down a mountain on a run-away moose, here the stage has been replaced with a different level that has you riding around on the goat again, and its a more traditional platforming stage. Alternatively the character could pick up and "chuck" rocks at opponents. There is also a puzzle element to the game, as certain rocks are used to reach high areas. Lastly, this game is full of some very nice looking effects, most noticeably there are some well made wavy effects for both the water, and heat focused levels, but there's also a pretty cool rotation effect on the "Dippy the Dinosaur" stage.